HVAC Inverter Installation

mod installHVAC IP66 SWITCHED

We install Invertek HVAC inverters.

Variable speed drives from Invertek Drives, supplied and commissioned by Motor Control Warehouse, are helping CarillionEnterprise (C-E) to achieve savings at Beachley Barracks as part of the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) energy
Spend to Save programme.

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MOD Install

Another install we have done is for a company called BRE.

BRE, based in Watford near London, UK operates the largest ‘burn hall’ in Europe. The burn hall is used to carry out flammability testing on various domestic, commercial and industrial products.

Motor Control Warehouse/Willpower in conjunction with BRE, have now designed, built and installed a fully automated VSD control system using three Invertek Optidrive HVAC, 160kW, IP55 AC Drives. The drives are housed in purpose built glass fibre
weather resistant enclosures.

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BRE Build/Install