Energy Saving Surveys

Here at Willpower we carry out Energy Saving Surveys.

At a time of ever increasing energy cost, using variable speed drives to control motor speed instead of the traditional fixed speed direct on line, star/delta starters or soft starters can save energy and money.

Running a motor at full speed while throttling the input or output is like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake; a part of the produced output immediately goes to waste.

A variable speed drive can save over 60% of the energy. This is possible as it controls the energy at source, only using as much as is necessary to run the motor with the required speed and torque – much in the same way as the accelerator in the car controls the engine revs and without the foot on the brake.

Here is a screenshot of Invertek’s energy saving calculator:

screenshot of energy calculator

For a link to Invertek’s Energy Saving Calculator click here

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