Custom Cubicle Build/Design

Willpower Electrical Ltd have an extensive knowledge of variable speed drives and there applications.

Often drives/inverters are placed in certain environments where it isn’t practical to leave a drive totally exposed to its surroundings. Here at Willpower Electrical Ltd we offer a full custom cubicle build and design process that will ensure your drive is provided with the correct protection and cooling.

Along with protecting and cooling the drive our cubicles can have a fully integrated front end built into the design, allowing the user complete control of the drive without ever having to use the drives keypad. The cubicle can also have warning and status lamps located on it, so that the user can see the condition of the drive and exactly how its functioning.

Below are some images of cubicle builds.

Link Image copy Front Panel 3 copyCubical Pic For Tracey 3 copy

Please feel free to contact us and we will be willing to discuss any requirements you may have.